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Uniting Peace & Lightworker Groups for Global Ascension, Now

15 Minutes A Week To Activate Global Healing

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A Call to Accelerate Planetary Healing Through Coordinated Intention Events

Intention Statement

Bringing Us All Together is a timely collaboration of Peace and Lightworker Groups, not a new group. We realize that this period of September through December 2022 is critical time for the balance of Light on our planet. We choose to come together in global intention events to generate major surges of high-vibrational light to help clear and uplift human consciounsness.

Upcoming Intention Events

Global Healing Activation - March 3, 2023

2023-03-03 17:30:00

We are resuming the Global Activation monthly meetings on Friday, March 3 at 5:30 PM Pacific Time. This meeting will include group discussion of strategies to connect Lightworker groups, energy transmissions and personal shares.

Global Healing Activation - April 7, 2023

2023-04-07 17:30:00

April monthly meeting of people inspired to come together to contribute to global healing. Please bring others.

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This is a not-for-profit project. Donations help cover overhead costs.

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Participating Groups

Christy Grace Michaels

In the spirit of community, we raise the Divine Feminine to celebrate and learn from Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and many more. Let the Peace, Love Read More...

New Earth Visioning Project

We are a cohesive power for good through envisioning a New Earth and contributing to its manifestation. To achieve this we are committed to bringing o Read More...

New Earth Celebration

As we move through these transitional times, we cultivate within our inner process and together within our circle of friends to help anchor higher dim Read More...

Energize your life

We send healing energy to the earth and people in need and have a speaker weekly regarding metaphysical topics. There are about 20 people in the group Read More...


UNIFY orchestrates Global Synchronized Events that inspire community-driven action campaigns for World Peace. During these events, we invite people of Read More...

Lightworker Ministry

Lightworker Ministry is a non-denominational, non-dogmatic 508(c)(1)(a) spiritual organization dedicated to promoting the awakening of consciousness w Read More...

Starbright One

Angelic realms gift sacred geometry via the astrology wheel, conveying messages that uplift and radiate awesome wonder. See for yourself the beauteous Read More...

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“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgetten, I manifest myself on Earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil and to re-establish dharma”

Bhagavad Gita, attributed to the Avatar Krishna